We get your

business rolling.


We provide a better path to your destination. FIT works exclusively with haulage capacities that are available on the market to get your business rolling. We do it by relying on information and communication — the cornerstones of our success. With modern e-procurement technologies, we have direct access to all the trucks available on a given day from over 8,000 registered and certified carriers operating a total of 25,000 vehicles across Europe. That’s how we ensure your freight always winds up exactly where it’s supposed to be — with your customers. On time, every time, and without a hitch.


We stop at nothing. Even when you’re already satisfied. Because we won’t quit until you’re absolutely certain you’ve found the perfect partner to handle your freight requirements. Thanks to the way we work, not only are we able to quickly deliver as much capacity as you need, but we can also provide immediate assistance. Our quick, reliable Freight Rescue hotline can save the day if you should ever find yourself in a tight spot. So the next time you lose key freight capacity, a link in your logistics chain, or your cool — simply remember you’ve got FIT behind you, and you’ll find yourself breathing easier.


We love win-win situations. How do we make them happen? By establishing automated workflows and innovative communications pathways with our customers and partners. The result? Dispatch management that is faster, more efficient, and easier to track and monitor. Why? So our customers can receive exactly the transport quality they require — and our partners have a steady source of freight to operate profitably. It all boils down to taking full advantage of all the resources the market has to offer for the benefit of both the participants and the environment. It’s a philosophy we think you’ll find as compelling as we do.

Our partners: