Rapid availability of goods, 24-hour delivery service, huge competitive pressures and strict legal requirements — welcome to the world of logistics for consumer goods and retail! Whether it’s food or non-food, special challenges are a daily occurrence in this space. And things get even more interesting when it comes to special offers and seasonal items. The goal is usually to get as many trucks as possible on the road, as quickly as possible. But now you can stop losing sleep over shipments like these — because they just happen to be our specialty. Every day, we deliver special offer goods to Discounters and other grocery retailers. And every day, we ensure that all types of special shipments get to their destinations on schedule. What makes us so good at it is our extensive experience. What our renowned customers value so highly about us, is our reliability. For every special offer, our customers receive a single point of contact at FIT who coordinates all administrative and operational processes with them. The precision of our work, our disciplined workflows, and the emergency assistance we provide for transportation problems of all kinds make us more than merely competent for transporting seasonal and special offer goods. You can count on that.

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