there when

you need us.

Goodbye, panic. Hello solution!

It happens to the best of us: the supply chain breaks, your shipper cancels at the last second, and you’re in danger of missing binding deadlines. Or you experience one of the many small, large, or even catastrophic problems that can happen at any time when you’re dealing with road freight. Maybe several issues arise at once — they seem to like to travel in packs. It can get old, fast. Is there any way to put a stop to it? There is. The Freight Rescue hotline was created for precisely this type of situation. So whatever is causing your shipping problems (and your blood pressure) to increase, rest assured you can get capable, fast, and useful support 24 hours a day at 0049(0)40-530 33 700, no matter how unusual your road freight issues may be. Why do we offer this service? Because we can.

Choose your drama

As part of our Freight Rescue hotline, we have a number of standardized assistance packages on offer. But don’t worry — if you happen to have shipping problems that are very different from most of our other customers, we’re not about to leave you out in the cold. We view unique problems simply as challenges we have yet to overcome. And for your average everyday insanity, we’ve got the following Rescue services ready and waiting for you:


WHEN YOUR CARRIER GOES ABSENT WITHOUT LEAVE,  we’ve got your back. We’re right there for you with the right replacement truck, right away, every time.


IF EVERY SECOND COUNTS, we can arrange extremely fast delivery times by using 2 truck drivers, non-stop trucking with trailer swaps, and/or truck-meets-truck solutions.


IF LARGE FLUCTUATIONS IN FREIGHT VOLUME FORCE YOUR SHIPPING PROVIDERS TO THEIR KNEES, the help you need is right here. We’ll provide all the trucks you need, and quickly.


IF YOUR REQUIREMENTS CHANGE FROM STANDARD TO SPECIAL, that’s when it’s time to bring in a flexible partner. Double decker, lifting roof, full suspension, tail lift, Joloda, Code XL, and on and on. Whatever it is you need — we make sure you get it.


WHEN YOU’RE ENTERING NEW MARKETS AND YOU HAVE TO RE-INVENT YOUR LOGISTICS, we’re here for you as well. Tell us what, where, and when, and we say: done and done. You’re left free to concentrate on what’s truly important — drumming up new business.

Up, up, and away — when you need a superhero that can fly

Did urgent shipping problems set up a roadblock smack in the middle of your path to success? Even then, the last thing you’re going to see us do is shrug our shoulders in resignation. So don’t worry if the very fastest land route is not going to be fast enough. Because our Freight Rescue team can arrange tailored multimodal transport solutions. It takes highly qualified employees with years of experience to provide our expert consultation. That’s exactly what we bring to the table. It’s how we can offer you time-efficient and seamless freight solutions — even by air. We call it:


WHEN YOUR GOODS NEED TO REACH THE DESTINATION EVEN FASTER, we offer a combination of a road feeder together with our FULLSPEED service and a custom air freight solution. Our highly-trained employees arrange for the necessary capacity using the fastest possible connection.


WHEN YOU NEED MAXIMUM SPEED, RANGE, CARGO CAPACITY AND, MOST OF ALL, FLEXIBILITY, our experienced employees will charter the right airplane for your valuable cargo from one of our partner airlines. We also arrange to have the goods picked up, organize the necessary take-off and landing approvals, and conduct the delivery — you get everything from a single source. Not only do you get to relax, you’re also completely free of the constraints imposed by airline flight schedules and available cargo capacity.


IF YOUR TIME-SENSITIVE SHIPMENT IS SMALL AND LIGHT ENOUGH THAT IT CAN FLY IN A CARRY-ON — and needs to travel great distances in a very short period of time without being left out of sight, a FIT OnBoard Courier will pick up the shipment from you, board the flight, and deliver it personally. To the other end of the world, if necessary.

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