Less-than-full and full truckloads — flexibility to go the distance

Our LTL and FTL products FIT Standard and FIT Express are always ready to get your less-than-full truckload or full truckload to its destination on time. Do your needs go beyond getting from A to B? No problem. We’ve got the custom solutions to get the job done right. Just book them as add-ons whenever you need them. But what if your special request involves an extremely urgent transport? Just call it in — to our Freight Rescue. We’ll save the day and get things rolling fast. You can count on our quick, direct, and dependable response.

Our individual LTL and FTL services

FIT Standard

The affordable solution for reliable delivery to your customers in Europe, custom options available as add-on services.

FIT Express

Ensures fast and precisely timed delivery of your shipment to practically any corner of Europe. Exceptional flexibility thanks to a range of delivery time options and custom add-on services you can book.

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