Whether you’re a manufacturer in the wood pulp and paper industry who needs to supply printing presses in a timely manner or a print and media logistics provider who processes large numbers of inbound and outbound bulk freight shipments with different shippers: Optimising your transport processes takes a ton of your time and is always threatening to eat into profit margins. Sound familiar? Then we can help. By taking command of your logistics activities. As a long-term partner providing outsourced transport management or short-term special offer shipments: FIT stands behind you, handling dispatching and monitoring of your shipments, leaving you free to concentrate exclusively on your core business.

Because, like everyone knows, nothing’s older than yesterday’s news. That’s why in the world of printing and media logistics, a fast tempo and professional workflows are part and parcel of every shipment so that deadlines can be met. Constant production delays, however, are quite problematic when trying to adhere to these fixed schedules. In our experience, only one thing helps: a reliable partner. That’s us — and we do more than just handle all the common problems that arise during daily shipping operations. We’re always ready to rearrange everything for you at the drop of a hat, if that’s what it takes. A second driver for your truck, a specially arranged driver switch, or switching the shipment route from road to air via our Freight Rescue hotline. Because getting from A to B is all about doing one thing to a T — delivering on Time.

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