SCM-IT and EDI — turning data into actions

To move goods in the real world, you must exchange data and communicate in the virtual world. That’s why we see digital information logistics as the foundation of our success. We’re in constant contact with our carriers via leading-edge IT systems. We also offer our customers the option of connecting to our CARGOBASE® system. Powerful interfaces manage automated shipment deliveries via electronic data transmission directly from you to our system, with advanced conversion functionality to import data from formats such as FORTRAS and EDIFACT.

We also take advantage of specialized web platforms developed for the logistics industry to enhance our supply chain management and link us to our industrial and retail customers. These information technologies allow us to continuously optimise all of our logistics processes and day-to-day communications between industrial enterprises, retailers, senders, recipients, and us. We work both with on-premise systems as well as software-as-a-service solutions:


An IT link to FIT offers you the following advantages

  • Integrated, standardized, and optimised processes
  • A clear view of all phases of the supply chain
  • Cost reductions through decreased process expenses
  • Rapid responses to changing variables
  • Increased efficiency through automated processes
  • Considerably improved data situation

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